Prayer for the Nairobi Massacre, September, 2013

Isobel de Gruchy of South Africa writes about the personal loss of her friend James Thomas and I am posting it today which is the day of his funeral in Cape Town.

“The South African killed was a friend. He and Steve used to be in a music group together. Steve would write the music for the group. James Thomas was such a wonderful person committed to helping the unemployed. That is what he was doing in Nairobi – training young people in business skills – such a loss. Another question for God one day!”

Massacre, Nairobi, 21 Sept 2013

Oh Lord, Lord, our hearts are aching,
For widows are keening,
Devastated, inconsolable,
Their husbands have been snatched from them,
Their children’s father, and the bread-winner.
But husbands are weeping for their wives,
Parents for their children
And children for their parents,
Over sixty men, women and children gunned down:
Their sin, being where they were when they were –
Fodder for a cause, pawns in a ruthless plan,
Objects slain to make a point.

More than sixty men, women and children killed:
And one we know, good, loving –
In a foreign land giving of himself,
And now made to give his life.

Oh Lord, Lord, we are keening too,
Devastated, shattered:
Why all this senseless killing?
Where were you, Lord?
Why does evil have such power?
Why do your people suffer so?
Come lord, come –
Help us to see:
Console the widows,
Hold up the widowers,
Care for the orphans,
Assure us all that
Love will triumph, and that
All shall be well.

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2 Responses to Prayer for the Nairobi Massacre, September, 2013

  1. Erice Fairberother says:

    This poignant and helpful too – these words just fit the hollow of silence that gest carved out in me when violence like this takes the innocent in a world we say that God holds in his hands.

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