Peace Conference in Kenya — Affirmation in Poetry

Lancelot Muteyo traveled from Zimbabwe to a Peace Conference in Kenya. He has sent in the words that he shared there.

Peace Revolution

Lance Muteyo at Peace Conference in Kenya

Lance Muteyo at Peace Conference in Kenya

Greetings in the Divine name of the Most HIGH
The conquering lion of the tribe of Judah
The redeemer of  black people
The desire of Ages
The Prince of peace
The Alpha and the Omega
The one who was there before the beginning
and who is going to be there after the end
Bless black roots!

My piece is called peace revolution
sounds and melody R9L5T10L7R15 bridge
sounds and melody R13L5T12L7R15 first variation
repeat bridge
continue with sound

Once upon a time
When good fortune and abundance reigned
In the land of the VaDzimbahwe
When our VaDzimbahwe ancestors
Walked in this ground.
continue with sound

Once upon a time.
Through the passage of time
Our forefathers were great peace lovers
Strong men of valour
I salute our great grandmothers
Whose wombs gave birth
To peace, love and unity.

continue with sound
Once upon a time
In the pinch of time
The slave master came to us black people
To take thy ancestors captive
Why did they come to us?
Why, Why, Why?
They would have gone to the yellow man in Japan.
Or the coffee skinned Indiana

In those depressing moments
Thy ancestors were shipped across the Atlantic
To labour in slave yards
And they were unclothed of their black roots.

In the valley of time
A voice was heard  yelling, “Arise Black People”
You have nothing to lose
Except  your chains of slavery
The voice gave birth to the peace revolution.

In those times Marcus Garvey stood
Saying black skin is not a badge of shame
Malcom X cried for peace by any means necessary
Whilst Martin Luther King Jr
Asserted that I have a dream
“That my four little children will not be judged
by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character”

In this  peace voyage
My Lord let me walk under the shadow of Mbuya Nehanda
Let me rest under the shadow of Nkwame Nkrumah
Julius Nyerere, Oludah Equiano, Patrice Emery Lumumba
I wanna walk with Sojourner Truth
I wanna rest in the arms of Mary Magadalene
Who ran in front to greet the risen  Most High
Black people Aluta continua.

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