Improv on Jeremiah 31: 31-34

The days are surely coming,
says God,
when laws will be posted on hearts –
health care for all people,
borders open with welcome,
equal education and fair wages
and care for the earth – a joy,
not an obligation.

No longer the covenants
of penal codes in racial profile,
market economy
that grinds down the poorest,
Arizona walls
against new exodus people,
the second amendment
opening fire
in school, movie theatre, job —

those covenants were broken
on the inside
before they began.

After those days
heart laws that no greed or fear
can ever delete
will make God so obvious
no one will say, “Know God
only my way,”

but least to the greatest —
namaste, salah, miztvah, amen —
they will all know God
in the knowing of God’s people.

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2 Responses to Improv on Jeremiah 31: 31-34

  1. Oh you persistent believer! May it be soon that it is so. And I would add one line, that they will all know God in knowing that all people are God’s, not just the observant. To me, this week, from Congress to the boats in Lampedusa, is about race, about the pain and despair of being non-white in this world. About power, and the deadly games of keeping hold of it that are being played. Thanks for your poem.

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