Liturgy for All Saints Day

All Saints Day — Some communities of faith celebrate it on November 1 while others do so the Sunday  predecing or following that more traditional day. I’m sharing here some liturgical writing from the Luke For Sharing project. Barbara Van Ausdall from Mascoutah, Illinois, shares her new lyrics to a familiar hymn tune based on the lectionary text for the day — Luke 6: 20-31. Rebecca Larson from Colebrook, New Hampshire crafts a call to worship based on the version of Psalm 149 found in Eugene Peterson’s The Message.

Gift of: Barbara VanAusdall

Reflection on Luke 6:20-31

Tune: English Folk Melody O WALY WALY L.M.

Verse 1:
You see my rags, my wounds, my tears
And hurry on, so full of fear
You buy more goods, eat and drink more wine
So far from me – can’t waste more time.

Verse 2:
As you move away with such disgust,
You clutch your goods and dare not trust,
Reviling and excluding me –
Your actions say I’ve no right to be.

Verse 3:
“If you are poor,” our Jesus said
“Live well with joy – don’t hang your head
“For you are rich, you are God’s own child
“Your needs are met, though you be reviled.”

Verse 4:
Yes, Christ has said that I am blessed
And have a place above the rest
Laughter and love belong to me;
In our God’s realm, I am whole and free.

Verse 5:
Christ lived and died and lives again
Christ’s words and ways keep us from sin
Christ’s words and acts show us what to do
Christ’s words live on through me – through you.

… I have played with the order of the verses to “tell the story” and finally decided on this order, but feel free to choose others …

Gift of: Rebecca Larson

All Saints Day  Call to Worship: (One & Many)

One: Raise your voice and sing new melodies to God.
Many: With bold Hallelujahs we lift our voices.
One: Praise the Holy One, you who love God.
Many: With all who love God we praise and give thanks.
One: Make music and dance with our mighty Creator.
Many: We’ll strike up the band and dance in joy because
God delights in all creation.

Adapted from Psalm 149, The Message

 All of these resources were given freely and they may be used in worship contexts. They may be adapted to fit your context. Please cite the original author when you reprint them or share them orally. For any other use please contact me so that I can put you directly in touch with that particular author.

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