Rotate this picture (Luke 19: 1-10)

Scripture describes Zacchaeus,
after the crowd closed ranks,
climbing a sycamore
because he could not see,

but fails to identify
who was small of stature –
the tax collector
or the traveling preacher.

Either way it’s a
valid reason for shinnying.

In our illustrious heritage
of grumblers
and those who need to dictate
who can party with god,

we prefer not to think
of Jesus as gay,

or aboriginal,
or autistic, female, black,

or short.



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4 Responses to Rotate this picture (Luke 19: 1-10)

  1. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    Good point! And regardless of what we like to think our canon records more intimacies between Jesus and a male than with a woman.

  2. Excellent question, who was short here? Isaiah does include a prophecy that the messiah will be unattractive, unappealing. Funny how that one is never mentioned by the gospelers, who strain to include all the others . . . I have sometimes preached that Jesus may come back as a woman . . . but the time I enraged a fellow was when I said in a sermon that Jesus would come back as a Jew, not a Christian . . . there are so many things I need to climb up from and look down on in order to see.

  3. Erice Fairberother says:

    This is brilliant – opens up the whole theological question of positioning and perspectives of relationality with the Christ and Christ story. Thanks Maren

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