Two poems, Aotearoa and United States / Guatemala

Connections. I am posting two poems today. One is the absolute simplicity of metanoia, written by Erice Fairbrother of Aotearoa, New Zealand. The second is by Todd Jenkins of Fayetteville, Tennessee. Long committed to the organization “Living Waters for the World” this prayer reflects that organizations empowerment of people in Guatemala.

These poems fit together for me.

Erice Fairbrother


that daily turning
of the heart
to God

and which
in turning
never turns
its back on


Todd Jenkins writes …Yes, feel free to re-post. Living Waters for the World just signed a covenant with Guatemala’s Presbyterian Church to support one another in helping to bring clean water to all God’s children, and I’ve had the privilege to participate in that 2-year (ongoing) process.


A menudo se distribuye desde la pluma al papel
con poca consideración por las consecuencias
de las palabras, frases y significados que se forma.

It is often dispensed from pen to paper
with little regard for the implications
of the words, phrases and meanings it forms.

Sin embargo, cuando se escribe con el corazón,
es la sangre que fluye de la vena a la página,
y nos abre a los planes y propósitos
trascendiendo nuestro limitado entendimiento.

But when we write with our hearts,
it is blood that flows from vein to page,
and opens us to plans and purposes
transcending our limited understanding.

Que la tinta de las venas mientras forma
nuestras firmas en esta alianza,
enlace nuestros corazones en uno
a través de tu gracia
y para tu gloria, Señor;
que nuestros sueños se inspiren en el tuyo;
que nuestra misión refleje tu esperanza.

May the ink of our veins, as it forms
our signatures on this covenant,
bind our hearts to one another,
through your grace
and to your glory, O Lord;
may our dreams be inspired by yours;
may our mission reflect your hope.

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