Thanksgiving Prayer

On the eve of Thanksgiving in the United States my warmest wishes, knowing that keeping to the regularity of this blog, the Thursday post always looking ahead will turn to World’s AIDS Day. So, softer moments my friends …

Thanksgiving Prayer

For sweet dumpling squash stuffed with rice,
for the pumpkin bread
my daughter sent from California,
for the old woman’s frail hand in mine,
on one more trip to the nursing home,
for the eight at the table
their banter and the jokes, the stories.

There is rain here instead of snow
selfish, I am pleased,
and also selfish that this one time
no one close to me is in the hospital.

There is cooking and after-cooking pleasures
some turn to football,
some to Settlers of Catan, Bananagrams, naps …
me into the adventure of a new novel.

The dog sighs – she has grown
too old to steal turkey,
but she was given some.

For sweet counted moments stuffed with life,
for the kindness of children,
the mysterious resilience of elders,
and the task of recognizing
that comes to those of us in between.

For all the holy stories
of all the peoples of the world
and the way telling them around a table
makes the tables holy, too.

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4 Responses to Thanksgiving Prayer

  1. marge dahle says:

    Maren, I’m thankful for many things – Gifts of Open Hands among them. Wishing you a happy, and wonder-filled Thanksgiving.Day! Love, Marge

  2. Nancy Rockwell says:

    Such a fine poem. And, a wonderful prayer for the Thanksgiving table. Anyone’s table, really, with a minor adjustment on the numbers there. Thanks for writing it.

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