For World AIDS Day — poem from Zimbabwe, scripture improv from the United States

Today resources for World AIDS Day, December 1. Lancelot Muteyo of Zimbabwe, who has worked directly with AIDS  care tells a story of one young woman who is also many. Lance asks for all of our prayers as well. He writes:just extend prayers to me because the road traffic accident I had on the 7th of August 2013 left me shattered in some way. I went to the hospital today for the chest X Ray and they said my chest has a broken bone, so they are waiting for further results on Friday. Please do kindly pray for me.

I follow this with an imporvisation on Philippians 2: 5-11 for World AIDS Day.

Tragedy of the outcast

Like any infant she was born
Healthy and gorgeous
Somewhere through the fateful eyes of history
Her parents were caught with their pants down

Unaware, the Human Immuno – Deficiency Virus infiltrated their veins
Residing in a dilapidated squatter camp they quickly developed AIDS
A squatter camp called Tariro meaning hope
Yet with no ray of hope inside that community.
A squatter camp that had no street names
Her parents sadly succumbed to the pandemic and died

Rudo, their daughter was left vulnerable in Tariro.
Though adolescent, she became a pauper
A static of HIV and AIDS orphaned children in the AIDS on line resources.
With nowhere to go within the dusty roads of the camp.

She found spiritual support within the church
A church constructed by cardboard boxes.
Inside the haven of comfort
Pastors sexually abused her inside the holy baptistery
Male teachers terrorised  behind the library stacks.
Uncle Taka converted her into a sex machine in exchange for food and shelter.

Already vulnerable!
Consequently, vulnerable to vulnerability!
Pathetically, an AIDS orphan became an AIDS victim
An AIDS survivor – not victim rather
Honestly history gave her an unfair destiny

World AIDS DAY 2013 Celebrations Zimbabwe
Lancelot Muteyo

An Improv on Philippians 2: 5-11 for World AIDS Day

Let the same T-cells be in you
that were in Christ Jesus,
who, though he was invulnerable as God,
did not regard
HIV positive as less than holy,
but emptied his immune system

being born as an AIDS orphan
in south-Saharan Africa,
and being found as a gay man,
a  promiscuous person of any gender,
a sharer of needles,
he humbled himself further
becoming the unsuspecting sexual partner,
even the victim of rape —

to the point of Kaposi sarcoma,
opportunistic infection, even death.

Therefore God has highly exalted
and given the name of Jesus
to every person impacted by HIV,
that on World AIDS Day
and every the day of the year
the knees of our hearts
should bend in compassion
and tongues cry out for healing
to the justice of Jesus and glory of God.

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2 Responses to For World AIDS Day — poem from Zimbabwe, scripture improv from the United States

  1. Gayle Murphy says:

    Maren, Your last stanza gave me goosebumps about every person impacted by HIV is given the name of Jesus. Thanks for that concept of elevating people with HIV into Godly images and reminding us of the compassion needed from us.

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