Prayer for Advent — From the Psalms to the Cloud, Connecting to the Digital Age

We begin the season of Advent and do so with a new rhythm of shared resources. A Pilgrim Press Anthology called From the Psalms to the Cloud — Connecting to the Digital Age, edited by Maria Mankin and myself is available this week.

A remarkable group of contributors have shared in it their prayers of intercession and worship resources from contemporary and traditional services as well as their reflections about consciously shaping prayers. A selection each week will be shared here every Monday. First is Elaine Bolitho’s morning worship service. These few words at the beginning and end of worship  are accompanied by silence and music.

On Thursdays I will continue with international resources and on Saturday I will share prayers and poetry of my own — as well as doing so on other occasions. During other weekdays I am hoping to share other liturgy for Advent and would love to receive your prayer and liturgy to share with others. Please send it not as a comment here but to 

From the book — From the Psalms to the Cloud — “Sometimes the place where we meet God matters. Elaine Bolitho is one of several contributors in this book who live in Aotearoa (New Zealand). She shapes this “con- temporary” service in her community of worship with a southern hemisphere understanding of season.

Elaine says: “Our early service each week is a time of meditation. Preparation for me in planning meditations varies, but starts by ‘sitting with’ God and the lectionary readings for the Sunday for which I am preparing even though the meditation itself is very simple. I also have a collection of books of Celtic (and other) prayers from which I draw inspiration—and sometimes select/adapt passages to commence or end the meditation session.“The opening is compiled first, and then a blessing to match, and music to introduce each is taken from a collection of CDs chosen for their suitability for meditation.

God of people,
God of peace,
God of presence,
As your people
we enter the peace
of your presence . . .

There is quiet. There is music.

We say together:
God of peace,
There is no place
we can go
where you are not.
You are our God
and we are your people.
You go with us into this day,
into this week,
into this world— always.

Shameless self-promotion!!

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2 Responses to Prayer for Advent — From the Psalms to the Cloud, Connecting to the Digital Age

  1. Elaine Bolitho says:

    Thank you Maren and Maria for From Psalms to the Cloud, which arrived here this morning. Another lovely and inspiring collection – well done.

    As I looked at it I thought – I can use that Advent reflection this Sunday –and then it popped up in the email – I trust others will find a blessing in it too.

    Blessings to you both,

    Elaine E Bolitho


    Council of Wellington Churches

    PO Box 3549 Wellington 6140

    Home Phone (04) 479-5352

    • Maren says:

      Oh, Elaine,

      I am so happy it arrived on the “other side of the world” (mine hasn’t yet!!) and glad there were no mistakes and very very honored to have your meditation be the first to share on this blog! Maren

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