Advent Meditation

HollyI promised to share extra Advent resources that folks send in and the very first is this beautiful meditation based on the hymn “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” written by Carol Hallman of Salisbury, North Carolina. Thanks to her and apologies that the poem’s shape with lines indented has defeated my tech skills on the WordPress platform. I’m honored that Carol is one of the forty-six contributors to From the Psalms to the Clouds — Connecting with the Digital Age.

“O Come O Come Emmanuel”
We sing
Gently almost a whisper
Hearts longing and hoping
For new life
For peace
For Joy
For love

“And Ransom Captive Israel”
The sounds of the season deafen
ads cry “Buy!”
Chaos swirls all around
Violence rages
We feel trapped not sure
Where to turn what to do

“Who mourns in lonely exile here”
It’s hard to hear you God
Over the clamor of sleigh bells
And jingles
It’s easier just to give in-
to buy than to remember
that Christmas is about
More than things

“Until the Son of God appear”
That’s it!
The TRUTH of Christmas
We are not abandoned
We are not unloved
We are not alone
For into the darkness
Comes the light

This light was the light for all people
This light was in the beginning with God
Was God and created all things with God
This, This is Christ
Mighty God
Holy One

“Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to you, O Israel”
Each year at this time
Some new heart is opened
Hope finds a way in
Peace seems possible
And joy irrepressible

And Love….it is everywhere

If….we have eyes to see and hearts to listen

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