For Nelson Mandela

Now let your servant, this prophet,
this Nelson Mandela
depart in peace –
after the tumult and the confinement,

the things he did,
the wisdom and farseeing that he spoke,
the truth and reconciliation
he held and blessed.

He saw hope for your people of South Africa,
and lit revelation for the world,

which always longs for princes of peace
watches the rising and falling,
in every generation
fears what opposes justice
and swords in any mother’s heart.

Honor him for the very simeon
of his long waiting.
Now the last prison door is past
and he has entered into his salvation.

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4 Responses to For Nelson Mandela

  1. dabar96 says:

    Thank you, Maren. I cried yesterday, listening to the stories of Mandella again, because it took me back to my seminary days (1987-1990). We had a seminary classmate from Soweto whose family became good friends with ours. Their stories of his faith and the stories of Mandella and Tutu that were shared with us became seminal ones for me. They opened to me more fully the experience of letting my heart break for what breaks God’s.

    • Maren says:

      Thanks for sharing that — I was in seminary a decade earlier than you and can as well remember our activism, the death of Steven Biko, all that was so amazing. Mandela did so much and stood for so much that helped to turn that country around.

  2. rezrevres says:

    As always some beautiful and most appropriate phrases have flowed from your pen Maren, which I hope will serve to remind us all to tend the flame of truth and reconciliation that Mandella set alight. If I might be forgiven for paraphrasing you; “He saw hope for all your people, and lit revelation for the world”. Thank you Maren.

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