Epiphany Poem …

Bill Walsh contributed this remarkable poem. Thanks to him and reminder to others who read. I would love to publish your liturgical writing. Please send it to giftsinopenhands@gmail.com.

Queer Epiphany by Bill Walshstar

A child is born!
An everyday occurrence.
And yet this child,
will challenge the world.
Born of the essence of God,
with a spark of the Divine.
for how its very existence
will be perceived as a threat
to the status quo.
Religious authorities will say,
“You don’t belong!  Yours is not the Way!”
but this child, this tiny baby
will come to know differently-
The Love of God.
And in its being,
this child- and –
God’s love of this child,
expands the love of God beyond
or how…
this child will love.
It may not be easy for this child
to step into the mantle of change,
to wear the yoke
of a differing understanding of
The Word- – –
to accept
that God, the Savior, the Spirit
will never abandon, even when this child
will feel the pains of abandonment…
Unlike the others,
yet intimately the same.
Born of flesh and blood,
but still- – – a child of God,
one with God
in a universe,
queer in the possibility of its being,
in a system, a structure,
a vastness of creation
that surpasses all understanding-
that cannot be pinned down
and fully understood- or named.
In this child however,
others will struggle to name, to change,
that which God has created,
that which is beyond understanding-
the hows and whys of this child’s sex and sexuality.
Queer, isn’t it,
how people of faith can accept some challenges
with the faith in God to say,
“This is good.  With God we are well pleased.”
But in this case,
a child born to love one of the same gender,
a child born to challenge the boundaries of gender,
in this case, they say,
“This is an abomination!  This is against God’s will!”
Queer, isn’t it?—?
That a belief in the inerrancy of the Word,
a belief that God is good
and what God has created is good,
can be disputed so easily
when confronted by one
who is created in the image of God
but, seems so different
from one’s popular image of God.
And yet, this child, this tiny baby,
against all odds of religious
declaration and education(?),
persists in growing
into a person who loves God,
who knows the love of God,
even when others,
who purport to speak for God,
speak differently in denying
this child
as one of God’s own.
isn’t it,
that God,
in spite of
all of our weaknesses-
in spite of
all of our brokenness-
shines the light of love
on us all-
Queer isn’t it,
that sometimes,
in some cases,
we can be so blind in that light-
not blinded by the light-
but blind to the light of love
that surpasses all understanding…
And yet, God still loves…
God’s love and light shine upon us…
and we love…
Each in our own way!
Queer… isn’t it?

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