Gloss on John 1: 43-51

Tomorrow’s lectionary passage ends with verse 22, but I have always been fond of the story that follows, the one about Philip and Nathaniel …

It’s stirred not shaken, some kind of anti-martini —
this famous “follow-me” call.
It’s not the call that whispers, “Get up”
in the middle of the night,
but can’t be found on Google +
or the flat-screen TV
even when you channel-surf every station.

Samuel, that call was Samuel’s … right?
Of course, there’s “Go, be kind to the wrong people.”
Jonah got swallowed up in that call.

Moses had a burning bush,
Isaiah, a burning tongue – both too political.
Mary with the pregnancy?
really a one time thing.

But here’s a call that’s not a haunting voice,
ignited shrubs or angels or whales.

Someone really ordinary says,
“Come and see.”
Maybe it’s the girl from high school
who friended you on Face book,
the neighbor woman with the annoying beagle,
the guy who’s too friendly at the meeting,
when you just popped in
to see what AA was all about.

“Come and see.” but everyone knows
nothing good comes out of church.

Jesus (really the anti-James Bond)
says he saw you at Starbucks with your laptop,
and knows so much
it’s practically identify theft.

You should be shaken up, but you’re stirred,
that’s the point.
Stirred and already you’re thinking –
who should I find and call, “Come and see.”

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2 Responses to Gloss on John 1: 43-51

  1. rezrevres says:

    What a novel approach to this passage, yet very much in keeping with the original intention. Good stuff!!

  2. Maren says:

    Thanks, Matthew!

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