Prayers for living with the Internet — From the Psalms to the Cloud

On Mondays I have been posting small samples of prayers found in the new book From the Psalms to the Cloud – Connecting to the Digital Age. (Mankin and Tirabassi, The Pilgrim Press) Of course, there are a number of prayers in a book of this kind that touch on the blessings and dangers of technology itself. They range from joy at finding a life partner through Internet dating to losing family and friends through online addiction. Here are a few selected. The writers are Elizabeth Barnum of Grand Rapids, Michigan , Christy Ackley Zuzelo of Needham, Massachusetts, Richard Bott of Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada, Cody Maynus of New Haven, Connecticut, and Vince Amlin of Gainesville, Florida.

From text to tweet, lead me only into the temptation to type truth.
—Elizabeth D. Barnum

Holy One, Forgive me for the times I said to my children, to my spouse, “just one second” as I write the random message to the random person to show how smart, witty, humorous I can be when my family, right there, knows all these things. God, help me show that I have nothing to prove to the Internet people of the world, that I have everything I need.
—Christy Ackley Zuzelo

Oh, God.
It’s 3 AM and I picked up my phone.
For the third time since going to bed.
Just one more glance at my status updates.
One more swipe through the tweets. One more . . . Who am I kiddin’? It’s not just one more.
It’s a constant tap/flip so I can feel connected. Immersed. Virtualized.
Help me! Please?
To put down the phone.
To shut off the browser.
To focus here.
To be here.
To live here.
In this tangible now.
Oh, God! Help me . . .
please? …
It’s 4AM.
I just picked up my phone

—Richard Bott


Kind God, you call us to speak truth to a world riddled with untruths, to speak life to a world plagued by death. Fortify us by your Holy Spirit so that we can openly and honestly address the issues of Internet addiction— pornography, loneliness, excessive shopping—and speak life and truth to those who most need to hear it. Through Jesus the Christ, who liberates us from all bondage and sin. Amen.
—Cody E. Maynus


Whatever is untrue,
whatever is unkind,
whatever is unjust,
whatever is not love,
give me the strength, O God, to delete.
—Vince Amlin

To learn more about From the Psalms to the Cloud go here.

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