Blessings … for walking, Medevac, infertility, chemotherapy … blessings

On Mondays I am posting prayers from the new book From the Psalms to the Cloud — Connecting to the Digital Age (Mankin and Tirabassi, Pilgrim Press, 2013,  just last week available on Nook as well as Kindle … it rolls out slowly!).

Because next Sunday’s lectionary reading is the Beatitudes in Matthew’s version I am including four blessings —  for a woman walking by LL Kroouze DuBreuil of Union, New Jersey, for med-evac flights by Lynne Frith of Auckland, Aotearoa, for a person dealing with infertility by Amy Sense of Baltimore, Maryland and for a person undergoing chemotherapy by Sue B. Donnelly of Arlington, Massachusetts. Please use them for your own prayers, for your friends and as a model to pray blessings around yourself this week.

“I carry a pad of ‘little yellow stickies’ with me everywhere,” LL DuBreuil reports. What I find myself doing is pulling them out when I see a prayer concern. I feel empathy for people in unexpected situations because I find myself in such situa- tions. And the stickies are the right size and feel for these impromptu prayers:”
I see her walking along the side of the road with her Walgreens bag. God, walk with her and all other tired travelers.
—LL Kroouze DuBreuil

“I have a practice related to living under the flight path for helicopters to the hospital near by. Whenever I hear a helicopter approaching the hospital I silently offer a brief prayer for the person being transported, his/her relatives, the paramedics, and helicopter pilot and crew:
May the skill of flight crew and paramedics keep the patient safe. May the skill of medical staff and health workers restore the patient to health. Where the injury or illness is fatal, may death be peaceful. May family and friends be surrounded with love, and filled with courage and hope. Amen.
—Lynne Frith

For a person struggling with infertility
I pray with you the prayers of Hannah, the prayers for a child, prayers for that re-creation of the world in another’s tender eyes, for the heart of love to beat in your home.
And in the meantime, I pray for you:
Patience times a million
Sleep that rests you
Friends who listen

Kind doctors
Laughter with your beloved
And trust That the heart of love will find you
By God’s grace.

—Amy Sens

For a person experiencing chemotherapy
Hope you are feeling the power today
your own remarkable, awe-inspiring power
and the power of all those concentric circles of individuals praying, praying, praying
the power of years of dedicated research scientists bent over microscopes
the power of all the Ewings survivors who have paved the way before you
the power of those who will walk later in your beautiful footprints
the power of your family and your friends
the power of the holy name of Jesus who will sit with you today
the power of time that heals all wounds.

Praying you into and through this cycle with no surprises, just tried and true transcendentalist skills. You are totally doing this.

May the infusion room be filled with real Light and real people. Beautiful humans, battered and bruised and hopeful and loved.
May you receive the healing Light today at least 1/2 as much as you put out.

—Sue B. Donnelly

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2 Responses to Blessings … for walking, Medevac, infertility, chemotherapy … blessings

  1. Donna Schaper says:

    Maren, I want to use some of your prayers…… my new book. I love them all. Do you have any that would fit under wellness and healing? I could use a couple…..

    (Called Prayers for People Who Think they can’t pray.)

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