Let us embrace peace — Poem from Zambian Baptist Peace Conference

Lancelot Muteyo of Zimbabwe shares a poem that he used in his program in Zambia.

Lance Muteyo

Lance Muteyo

I was training 170 pastors, deacons, leaders of the Baptist Convention of Zambia in Lusaka Zambian conflict transformation using bible based experiential learning methods.  The participants were coming from all over Zambia’s ten administrative provinces.

Let us embrace peace

Arise, Shine!
For your light has come!
Peace from God
The father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Blessed are the peacemakers
For they shall be called sons of God.
Where do wars come from?
Where do conflicts come from?
Amongst us!

For, what is life?
It is a vapour
That  appears for a little time
and vanishes away.
So, why can’t we embrace peace
For that short time.

For, we all desire to be righteous
But how can we?
When we don’t embrace peace
For the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace.
By those who make peace.

We cover ourselves with anger and hurt
Embracing dark clouds in our hearts.
Let us embrace peace!
Because, it is pleasant to live together in peace.
Peace I leave with you
Peace I give to you
Let us embrace it!

Kids in Zambia Lance in Zambiaparicipants 3 participants 2DSC_0203

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2 Responses to Let us embrace peace — Poem from Zambian Baptist Peace Conference

  1. Nancy Rockwell says:

    Great photos – looks like their Prepared to Serve event –

  2. Maren says:

    And focused on peace — what a great idea!

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