EL CONSUMO SE HIZO CARNE … poem from Uruguay

This powerful parody …ironizando of Juan Damian may prepare us to consider what the simplification of Lent might mean.

(John 1:1-10 a parody)

In the beginning was shopping and
Shopping was God.
Windows, shelves, and hangers
were all made for him and
All made good, inexpensive and beautiful
would be nothing without him.
Through him existed buying power and
Life was a buying bonanza,
Bringing happiness to all
God was made tangible through banknotes, coins, and cards
fulfilling all wishes and dreams
through homes, streets, and thoughts.
The world was made for retailing and
Retailing became product
and discovery became marketing
And we have seen his glory
through sales, promotions, and rebates
It came to the town, but inaccessible to the poor
and all who are received
have been given the debt purchasing power,
entering the world of default.

Translation by Lucy Berrios Taveras

(ironizando Juan 1:1-10)

En el principio era el shopping.
Y el shopping era dios como el sistema.
Todas las góndolas, vidrieras y perchas
fueron hechas para él.
Y sin él nada de lo que ha sido hecho
es bueno, bonito y barato.
En él estaba el consumo.
Y el consumo era la vida
que nos hace felices a todos y todas.
Y dios se hizo cosa,
billete, moneda, cash y tarjeta.
Y llena todos los deseos,
todos los tú, todas las calles,
casas y pensamientos.
El mundo fue hecho para el consumo
y el consumo se hizo producto
y revelación en la publicidad.
Y hemos visto su gloria en las ofertas,
promociones y rebajas.
Vino al pueblo
pero los pobres no pudieron recibirlo.
Pero a todo aquel que le acoge
les ha dado el poder de endeudarse
y entrar en default.


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6 Responses to EL CONSUMO SE HIZO CARNE … poem from Uruguay

  1. dabar96 says:

    This god is powerful, alive, and well. Unfortunately, this god also has longer hours of operation each week than the church. I think that’s why the church’s infomercial (worship) is so critical (& so difficult). 🙂

  2. Maren says:

    The church’s infomercial — what a wonderful way to think of it … or maybe humbling!

    • Todd Jenkins says:

      VERY humbling! Makes me visualize myself as Ron Poeil. I can’t decide whether I’m hawking the Showtime Rotisserie and BBQ Oven or the Pocket Fisherman (surely not the GLH Formula Number 9 Hair System). No matter what we think we’re selling, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. It doesn’t matter how smooth and convincing worship is, if grace doesn’t permeate all our lives, especially in the middle of this other god’s temple, we might as well stay home and watch TV.

  3. lbtforever says:

    This was my pleasure!

  4. lbtforever says:

    Reblogged this on lbtforever and commented:
    Here is I did for a poem written in Spanish.

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