Prayers for Lent — From the Psalms to the Cloud

On Mondays I have been sharing a few prayers from our new book “From the Psalms to the Cloud — Connecting to the Digital Era” (Mankin and Tirabassi, Pilgrim Press).

Doxology, First Sunday in Lent

Praise God, who gives us strength to bear,
The challenge found most ev’rywhere.
Praise God, who serves as friend and guide:
Temptation helps to set aside.        – John H Danner

Prayer for Love

God, your love is our shield, our roadmap, and our resting place. Put your love between our judgment and those who are different from us, between our lust and those who want only to be seen as human and whole, between our anger and the people who have let us down. Put your love between our apathy and the hurting world that needs our care, between our fatigue and the work you have for us to do, between our fears and the good life you have prepared for us. Your love is the only thing big enough to bridge all of the broken places in this world, so help us open our lives up fully to you, the God whose name is love.    – Lindsay Popper

Prayer of Dedication

Koru -- Unfolding Fern

Koru — Unfolding Fern


From the bones we scatter before you, make blessing.  Clothe them with flesh, and breathe your Spirit into their lungs.  Cause this new body of blessing to walk among your people everywhere, inviting life even in the desolate places.  Amen.

Sonja Ingebritsen

Collect for Daylight Savings Time

God,awake before our first reluctant yawn,
help us treasure the spring beauty of daylight,
celebrate the savings in our lives,
and appreciate every moment
of every time,
so that we truly never lose an hour,
for we praise you with alarm,
with snooze button,
and – when we need it –
with a deep changing of all our clocks. Amen  – Maren Tirabassi

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2 Responses to Prayers for Lent — From the Psalms to the Cloud

  1. celestem579 says:

    Dear Maren, These are especially helpful just now. Also wanted to thank you for last year’s Ash Wednesday Prayer from Argentina. I’m using it for worship this afternoon.

    Blessings to you! Celeste

  2. Maren says:

    You are very welcome — it reminds me that I perhaps should have shared a new prayer yesterday … though giving up caffeine for Lent has scrambled some of my synapses!

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