Fractured Parables — Post for Lent, 1

My Lenten devotion this year is to dwell with the parables … thirty-two or forty-six or forty-eight and what about those Thomas parables? Lent with the parables … really not so much fractured like fairy tales, but pushed and pinched and … pursued down that long path where they elude my simple meanings.

I will be writing these Monday through Saturday. I am a great believer in keeping Sunday as a festival of the resurrection, so I pause in all my Lenten disciplines to celebrate the day and will be posting these small prayers here.

Ash Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Matthew 13: 47-48

Caster of the wide throw,
you gather all of us
with our silver and wriggling lives.

Then you make your surprising choice
of me,
keeping in your basket
what the world calls net-loss –

bottom-feeding crabbiness,
un-pearled oysters,
my broken-down old boot soul. amen

March 6, 2014
Luke 13: 20-21
God of the stars,
to what do we compare your realm?

It is like a pizza deliveryman
that a woman mixed with all the celebrities
of the Academy Awards

until all of them are fed,
until all of us rise,
winners, with our words of thanks. Amen.

March 7, 2014
Luke 15:8-10

God, what woman
hit so hard
her mom’s earring flies off,
doesn’t sweep deep under the sofa,
get the hell out of hell,
and throw a party at the shelter?

“Rejoice,” she says to her new friends –
“I found the precious me I lost.”

God, I just know the angels salsa
every time a victim
becomes a life turned around. Amen.

March 8, 2014
Luke 15:11-32

God, look the prodigal comes —
but it’s the fourth time,
and I’m out of rings and robes.
The only sandals are the ones
on my own feet.

God, look the prodigal comes  —
but it’s the seventh time,
and there’s not so much
as fatted turnip
in the kitchen now.

God, look the prodigal comes –
hitting bottom is a long way down.

My other child?
Eyebrows practically etch quotes
around “I told you so,”
but still not leaving me alone.

God, look your prodigal comes –
I’m looking forward
to our big hug,
sharing a cup for three.


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