Abram Hears … poem by Celeste McQuarrie

Just got this poem from Celeste McQuarrie and it is apt for Sunday’s text so I’m sharing it now. Thanks for this gift. 

Abram Hears

With the restlessness of a wanderer

You fidget and wait, swaying

Like the trees at the end of this late, long winter

In March, waiting to bud.

You wait in prayer, pacing….

It’s not easy for someone like you,

So used to packing up,

A nomad in no man’s land,

Itching to feel the sand sift through your sandals.

Time to wander off,

The heavy bulk, the layers of your goat skin tent, a weight you want.

The time is coming; you feel it in your bones!

Life as a wanderer – Abram, raised this way;

You need to keep moving.

But you’ve learned over the years

(You’re getting old now)

It’s best to wait;

Wait until you know God wanders with you.

Don’t leave without God…

And so, sitting now, legs stubbornly crossed,

Body burrowing down,

You’ll wait until you hear from God

That it’s time to go.

Dead silence so far is all you hear

As the restlessness gains on you.

With impatience you remember the stories told of your ancient ancestor,

The fantastic builder of boats.

Old Noah….when he’d heard

The word came and he began to build an ark!

Huge it was (and how insane…you think…)

Crazy, packed full with beast and bird and

“Bear with me, Abram!”

 We’re going somewhere.

My plans again are big…”

All at once, at last one day the call comes.

You’re humbled in prayer; arms hugging your ribs, head bent low to touch the holy ground of Harran (“the place of in-between”)…

“The desert is vast,” you hear.  “A land of promise…

I’ll fill it with people.

No water this time, Abram.

Your name means ‘exalted father.’

One day you will bloom and become

Abra – ham,

‘Father of a multitude.’

They’ll fight, and I’ll bless.

They’ll curse, and cry and carry on.

And I’ll bless and

They’ll fight, and we’ll carry on.

No water this time, Abram.

Only longevity.

Long, long, long longevity

Filled with blessings…

Abram, I want you to go…”

And you think you’re ready.


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