Prayer for St. Patrick’s Day and for Spring Cleaning — From the Pslams to the Cloud


Collect for St. Patrick’s Day

God, who makes a saint of Brigit
with a milk-miracle and a beer-miracle,
and who searches for even one lost snake
that’s been driven out,
teach us Irish gifts – fiddling and potatoes,
storytelling and genuine wakes,
step-dancing, shamrocks,
and a good round blessing of ordinary things.

For we pray in this Trinity –
the lintel on the door, the peat in the hearth,
and the stranger who stands at the one,
in need of the other’s warmth. Amen.
– Maren Tirabassi

Spring Forward

Our spirits leap with the lengthening days, God of Seasons –
they strain forward into the hope
brought by damp, fertile earth
and neon greens beginning to temper winter’s burn.

Our spirits leap with the hope Spring brings:
new life, new opportunity for healing,
new rhythms to enter and explore.

Our spirits leap forward,
even as our Lenten journey
leads us closer to Jerusalem;
leads us to face the worst humanity can accomplish
by our unjust institutions and
unexamined cultural expectations;
leads us to look within, to see where
transformation must take place
if wholeness is to come.

As the light of our days grows longer, Bright Sun,
shine on us that we might see those places within
that need your transforming touch – your Spring cleaning!
And shine your light on the places
where we might touch the world
and bring healing to it through our own shining lives.
– Sharon Bentonspring+cleaning

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6 Responses to Prayer for St. Patrick’s Day and for Spring Cleaning — From the Pslams to the Cloud

  1. Kenneth J. Hoyt says:

    Love the Cross of St Bridget. When she had no wood to make crosses she fabricated them out of swamp weeds. Very symbolic of true Christianity.

  2. Nancy Rockwell says:

    These are lively, lilting, lovely, both of them, but especially the St. Patrick’s poem. Thanks!

  3. rezrevres says:

    In some First Nations communities it’s also not uncommon in the late spring for crosses to be made in a similar fashion using fresh green sweetgrass.

  4. Maren says:

    That is wonderful — the connection between peoples.

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