Prayer for Easter from Uruguay

Juan Damian of Uruguay shares this afformation for Easter!

P A S C U A e s
dar “E L P A S O “…
no a un costado
o  para  atras

del egoísmo a LA SOLIDARIDAD
del individualismo a LA COMUNIDAD
del consumo a LA CREATIVIDAD
de la injusticia a LA JUSTICIA
del maltrato a LA DIGNIDAD
de la guerra a LA PAZ
del desaliento a LA ESPERANZA
del miedo a LA LIBERTAD

Paso a paso daremos el paso juntos en una caminata alegre siguiendo las huellas del Jesús Resucitado. 

 Easter is……..

To take “a step”

Not to the sidelines

Or behind, but

Ahead of

– Selfishness to solidarity

– Individualism to community

– Consumerism to creativity

– Injustice to justice

– Abuse to dignity

– War to peace

– Dismay to hope

– Fear to freedom

Step by step

May we walk together

On a joyful journey

Following the footprints of

The risen Christ Jesus.

translation by Lucy Berrios Tavarescropped-sea-of-galilee-from-mount-of-beatitudes.jpg

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