Resources for Easter from around the World

I share a few from Gifts of Many Cultures (Pilgrim 1995) and Gifts in Open Hands(Pilgrim 2011) and from Red Crearte Benjamin Gonzalez Buelta’s remarkable poem about the women at the tomb.

Call to Worship from Spain
We do not make Easter happen,
Nor do we cause the sun to shine.
God does it all –
God made our Savior rise!
By dawning light God takes towel in hand to dry the dew.
We sing our glad “Alleluias.”
Darkness gives way to light, death itself, by Easter’s mystery.
Becomes the doorway to Eternal life.

Opening prayer from China
Life becomes beautiful because of this,
–we know you, Risen Christ.
Your love on the cross awakens our silent souls.
–we know you, Risen Christ.
Even though we are full of hurt, your love heals us.
-we know you, Risen Christ.
Even though our steps wander, you call us home.
–we know you, Risen Christ.
Even though we neglect those you love, you teach us.
Your palms with the print of nails show us
that the way to life is to give,
–we know you, Risen Christ.
Life becomes beautiful because of this.
–we know you, Risen Christ.

Intercession for the World Wide Church from Italy
Lord, we pray for all churches to the ends of the earth.
Fill them with the spirit of service, simplicity and fidelity.
Risen Lord, hear our prayer.
We pray for all who suffer on grounds of poverty
and for those who are lonely in their wealth.
Risen Lord, hear our prayer.
We pray for those who are ill, because they have nothing to eat
and for those who are ill because they have too much to eat.
Risen Lord, hear our prayer.
We pray for all who take life lightly and for those who weep
because of the misery of others.
Risen Lord, hear our prayer.
We pray for those who are self-confident
and for those who are mocked and excluded.
Risen Lord, hear our prayer.
Give to each one of us a simple, loyal heart, that can sympathize.
We pray in the silence … Pause
Risen Lord, hear our prayer.

Reflection on the Scripture
Mujeres de resurrección

Benjamín González Buelta

Todavía la mañana
no había dicho una palabra
y un silencio claro arropaba toda la vida.
Ningún deslumbre entornaba los ojos,
ninguna estridencia irritaba la escucha,
ninguna brisa enturbiaba los perfiles.
Se asomaba el día con rubor virginal
cuando las mujeres de Galilea llegaron al sepulcro.
Buscaban ungir el cuerpo con el más tierno perfume
de su esperanza macerada.

¿Era sólo la certeza del amigo muerto
la que las llevaba hasta la tumba?
Habían perdido su tesoro
y eran tan débiles y pobres
que ya sólo podían avanzar
desde más allá de sí mismas.

¡El amor hunde sus raíces
en el misterio siempre vivo!
La piedra uncida a la muerte
por los sellos imperiales había sido rodada.
En lo oscuro de la tumba se encendió una pregunta,
se iluminó una certeza se insinuó una presencia,
mientras corrían las mujeres sin lastre
de tristeza
en la piel de sus sandalias.

La noticia empezó a buscar sus palabras
Jesús ya no está en el sepulcro de piedra.
Hay que buscarlo en la noche rota,
en la sorpresa del alba, en el pueblo atravesado,
en las manos horadadas, en la paz y la alegría,
en los nombres que amamos, en los ojos que nos aman.
¡Hay que esperarlo con toda la búsqueda del alma!

Tomado del Dossier Pascua 2014
del Centro Nueva Tierra

Women of Resurrection
The dawn hadn’t yet spoken a word and life was covered with silence
No glare to narrow eyes
No stridency distracting the hearing
No wind to disturb facial profiles
The virginal blush of morning was approaching
and the women of Galilee were arriving at the tomb
Macerated hope but with a desire to anoint the body with precious perfumes
Was the certainty of their friend’s death
what ushered their presence at the tomb?
They had lost their treasure
Feeling lost and deserted with only the strength to cope
with their own pain and nothing more
Love plunges their roots in a living mystery
The stone yoked to his death by the imperial seal
had been moved and in the darkness of the tomb questions arose
An illuminating certainty
An insinuated presence as the women ran around
without any marks of sadness on the skins of their sandals
Searching for words to describe the news
Jesus is no longer in the tomb of stone
The search should continue in the brokenness of night
In the surprise that dawn brings
As we cross through the town
In honored hands
Through peace and joy
In name of those we love
In the eyes of those who love us
Our souls waiting with an abundance of expectancy

Benediction Jerusalem
May the love of the cross
the power of the resurrection
and the presence of the living Lord,
be with you always.
And the blessing of the eternal God,
Creator and Sustainer,
Risen Lord and Savior,
Giver of holiness and love
be upon you now and forevermore. Amen.


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