After the ecstasy comes the laundry, Call to worship … From the Psalms to the Cloud

One of my favorite after-Easter lines by Ken Sehested:

One: Listen up, you heralds of hope: Hear the cheer of angels for your big, bold, even brassy acts of courage. Don’t back down from the chance to be audacious, bodacious, maybe even contentious.
Many: But it is the tenacious on whom the Beloved most depends.
One: Quotidian faithfulness – in life’s persistent, unremarkable moments, when no bands play, no cameras roll, no headlines appear – this is the persevering labor, which Redemption most employs. Ordinary time rocks.
Many: Remember these things, and teach your children well:
After the ecstasy comes the laundry.
One: Vision for mission begins with the street signs in your own neighborhood.
Many: The bonds you restore outweigh the bounty you confer.
One: An inch of fertile soil takes a millennium to amass. Plant sequoias, and fruit trees whose yield you will not taste.
Many: Small stuff matters. An ounce of care is worth a ton of theory.
One: Foster the habits of daily attention and timely words to encourage.
Many: God’s in the details; the devil prefers abstraction.
One: Come mothers and shepherds, gardeners and menders. Come fathers and healers, instructors, defenders.
Many: The rendezvous, of Heaven with earth, is announced with each pardon’s release.Baby-Links1

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