Two poems from South Africa

Isobel DeGruchy writes:

I wrote an Easter poem this morning, having in mind largely those who neglect Easter these days. In SA Good Friday and the Monday after Easter are Public Holidays so we do have the problem of a long weekend. It doesn’t help the churches. And, in the southern hemisphere, we don’t have Spring flowers thrown in!

I have included another poem she sent me recently because I love it –“The Trees of Life.”

What is Easter?

A long weekend?
A time to get away – with friends and family?
A time to catch up on things –
get some chores done?
A time to take a break – relax – have a good time –
eat chocolates and hot-cross buns?
A time to remember – remember past Easters –
The story- Gethsemane,
The cross, the tomb?
A time to reflect – what does this mean?
What does it say to me?
About suffering? About evil?
About will – mine and God’s?
A time to take a break – yes –
To see myself again –
In relation to the man on the cross –
The man we killed –
The man who overcame death.
A time to remember – yes –
Remember him and be glad.

He is with us.

The Trees of Life

A tree at our beginning,
A tree in a garden,
That brought us all knowledge,
And with it struggle and strife.

A tree along the way,
A tree of shade and shelter,
Which becomes a tree of
hospitality and promise.

A tree at the centre,
A tree on a bare hill,
Stripped of all beauty
And full of suffering,
It brought us salvation.

A tree at our ending,
A tree on the banks of a river,
It will be for the completion
Of restoration and healing.

Isobel’s book reflecting on Julian of Norwich came out out in an American version in March released by the Paulist Press. The ISBN number is 978-0-8091-4858-5. It has a lovely cover, new for this version.Making all thing well. jpg

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