Affirmation of Faith

This Affirmation of Faith written by Lindsay Ruth Popper, a current student at Andover Newton Theological School, is found in From the Psalms to the Cloud — Connecting to the Digital Age. Do you have an affirmation of faith that you would like to share? Please send it to

Affirmation of Faith

We believe in a God who cares deeply about all people.
We believe in a God who has come into our lives and our hearts.
We believe in a God who has given us the work
of showing God’s unconditional love and extravagant welcome to all people.
We believe in a God who walks beside us.
We believe there is nowhere our God will not go,
and so we see our God everywhere:
in the faces of men sitting on park benches or driving city buses,
in babies in strollers and elders in wheelchairs.
We see our God holding the hands of women walking into abortion clinics,
sitting in our congresses and parliaments.
We see our God working the night shift with factory workers,
walking the streets beside sex workers,
waking up early with those who make our breakfast,
walking the halls beside bullied middle schoolers,
crossing the desert with people looking for a chance at a better life.
Our God sits beside us in prison cells, delivery rooms, police cars,
corner offices, fast-food cash registers, and tractors.
We see our God in all people,
and we pray that we let our lives show God’s love in us.PsalmstotheCloud_REV-1

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