Prayer for the General Synod of the Anglican Church in New Zealand as it debates LGBT concerns

Erice Fairbrother sends words inviting the whole world to pray for her church this week and her poem and call to worship follows:

Many of us are watching and waiting as the whole church debates the rights of our LBGT community. Are they to be fully embraced as full members of our church with every office open to them? Or will they continue to be excluded from ordained ministry in particular? Like the mindset in the time of the slavery debate that afflicted those who espoused the gospel but could not see its rule of love as supreme, we are similarly being called to engage in a debate which is both painful, and terribly drawn out, when we know that eventually what must be done, will be done. Meantime we watch and wait. If we are asked to wait more years for further debate, it will be costly. Please pray for our beloved Anglican Church in New Zealand – for those who believe they know what is right, along with those who yearn for their rights.

Kowhai flower

Kowhai flower

Prayer in the likeness of Galatians 3:6

God of creation,
Of all that is good
And in whom we find our likeness
As you found in us
Your own image
And called us good;

In that confidence
We wait, longing
That all people
will be seen
As you saw us
In the beginning

Longing that your church
Will have eyes to see
As you see,
A heart to embrace
As you embrace,
A will to overcome fear

Even as Christ
So that your love
Will be made known
By its embrace of all
Who love you

All who seek you
And all who long to find
in you their true home,
where your will for
good on earth
is truly done. Amen.


Beach in New Zealand

Beach in New Zealand

Meditation on the Cross

This cross reminds us
That justice is costly
That hope is vulnerable
That unconditional love
Can terrify

You O God are with us. Keep us from fearing to love

It was here
That debates took place
That division was proposed
The fabric of God
Was sold

You O God are with us. Keep us faithful in the midst of fear

The wood reminds us
There is always a choice
To create fires to warm life
Or fires in the heart
To destroy

You O God are with us. Keep us aflame with justice.

The wood of choice, the fabric of God
The terror of love
These three remain
but the one that overcomes
is love

You O God are with us. Leave us not.

Koru -- Unfolding Fern

Koru — Unfolding Fern



(c) ecfairbrother 2014

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