Affirmation of Faith, Argentina, From the Psalms to the Cloud

An Affirmation of Faith? Yes, these words by Gerardo Oberman of Argentina from From the Psalms to the Clouds –Connecting to the Digital Age are that but also more. What we creed — from our memories or our experience — makes no difference unless it also changes us.

Does what you say in faith change how you live it?

If we believe in the healing and saving power
of God’s love, who is both Father and Mother,
let us encourage each other to become bridge-builders
and declare ourselves the community
of God’s plan that opens the way to all
who believe and trust in
restoring and liberating love.

Si creemos en el poder sanador y salvador
del amor de Dios, nuestro Padre y nuestra Madre,
animémonos a construir lazos entre las personas,
que afirmen que somos pueblo, que somos comunidad.
Y digamos, con claridad, que el plan de Dios
abre puertas a la salvación de todos y todas
quienes crean y confíen
en su amor restaurador y liberador.

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2 Responses to Affirmation of Faith, Argentina, From the Psalms to the Cloud

  1. Andrea says:

    When I was active as a pastor, I used to have Confirmands write their own credos. It has brought much understanding to churches, families and communities

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