Prayer of Celebration — From the Psalms to the Cloud

Sharon Benton of Colorado prays for celebration — a celebration so deep it doesn’t need to hide itself from sorrow.

What do you celebrate? How do you celebrate?And how do you pray celebration?

Dancing God,
you whirl through our lives seemingly without taking breath,
spinning around and through our every moment.
You merrily approach then bow to our wall-flower spirits –
your dance partners in creation –
and reach out to take our reluctant hands.

You begin with the slow swaying of our lamentations,
holding us tightly in your arms as we fear to trip and fall
when death and disease advise us to sit this one out;
when overwhelming international news berates us for
“dancing while the world burns.”

And still you tease us into the dance of life, O God!
tango+%283%29You circle us as in a Tango, and,
with a grinning glance over your shoulder,
dare us not to join you.
For even as lives and experiences come to an end,
new life begins –
in infants and new-born relationships,
in resurrected hope and time’s healing:
Spring’s buds pirouetting in the wind.

And just when we think we can take no more –
no more joy or sorrow in our filled-up dance cards,
no more breath for another wondrous round –
then you pull us out again
to dance for the re-making of this world.

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5 Responses to Prayer of Celebration — From the Psalms to the Cloud

  1. Betsy says:

    So beautiful…so hope full!

  2. revsharonucc says:

    Thanks for posting this, Maren. Funny… (or Spirit!) it’s just what I needed today.

    • Maren says:

      How gifts come around in circles — unfortunately, the prayers I write that “meet my need” are so often confessions! Yikes — that pinches.

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