Pentecost liturgy From the Psalms to the Cloud

Some short pieces of liturgy as we look ahead to Pentecost:

Call to Worship, Pentecost

One: Holy Spirit come
Add voice two: Send your flame as you did before
Add voice three: To set our hearts on fire for you
Add voice four: That we might be filled with that divine love you so share so abundantly
Many: Let us be Your church to live our faith and share your love with all creation
– Devoree Crist

Prayer of Confession
Holy God, the events of Pentecost make us wonder.
Would we have gone to the streets with the others?
Or preferred to stay safe in the upper room?

Wells Cathedral

Wells Cathedral

Would we have followed Spirit-courage out into the light?
Or held back in the security of darkness?
Forgive us when we so often lack the courage to be Your people.
Forgive us for hearing Your Spirit and choosing not to listen.


Assurance of Grace
In all the languages of the world are words of forgiveness. We do not hear them, till they whisper in the heart. Then we are out the door!
– Jerry Hebenstreit

Communion Prayer, Pentecost
We give you thanks, God of compassion,
for breathing life into being at the beginning of creation.
We give you thanks for breathing hope into our ancestors’ dry bones.
We give you thanks for breathing with us through our brother Jesus.
We give you thanks for breath beyond death, the unbounded mercy of resurrection.
We give you thanks for the Wind of the Spirit that breathes in our own lungs,
and breathes in us as your One Body.
May we, through this gift of holy breath,
join the Spirit’s persistent, insistent, consistent pant for justice.
– Sonja Ingebritsen

Doxology, Pentecost
Praise God, the wind that stirs our hearts,
Praise God, the one who grants fresh starts,
Praise God, the source of each new birth,
Praise God who loves all those on earth.
– John H Danner

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