Pentecost Prayers — from Argentina and Canada

Prayers for Pentecost.  The first is from Richard Bott on British Columbia, Canada and it is a prayer with an all ages focus so it is embodied. The second is by Claudia Ursini of Argentina and it is antiphonal — leader and congregation or two sides of the congregation. Translating Claudia’s prayer is Lucy Berrios Taveras.

This is a prayer of word and action.

With the beat of a wild wing, (bring hands together with a loud CLAP)
With the rush of a mighty wind, (rub hands together, building friction)
With the Pentecost flame, (place hot hands against forehead)
Touch us, Holy Spirit!

(Open & cross hands, linking thumbs, so hands become a bird)
Love us into being, Spirit of God! (Bird flies one way)
Love us into wholeness, Spirit of Wisdom! (Bird flies another way)
Love us into newness, Spirit of Christ! (Bird flies straight up & hands undo, arms opening in praise)

May it ever be!

Wells Cathedral

Wells Cathedral


Oración de invocación (antifonal)

Bendito Padre, en este día, que es tu día,

como todos los demás, venimos a Ti,
con ansias de encontrarte:

en cada palabra, en cada lectura,

en las oraciones y en los gestos,

en cada hermana y hermano,

en el silencio compartido y en las alabanzas

que juntos te cantamos.Y con humildad,

queremos pedirte que este culto
sea agradable a tus ojos,

que lo dirijas vos,y que nos regales de tu preciosa presencia,
de tu dulce voz,de tu segura compañía.

Que tu Santo Espíritu descienda sobre este lugar, Señor.
y que al igual que los discípulos reunidos en Pentecostés,

si es que hemos llegado con temores
e incertidumbres,

podamos hoy sentir que se fortalece la esperanza,

que el fuego de tu Santo Espíritu;

reanima nuestra confianza,

y que podamos como ellos, entonces, hablar claramente

a quien aun no te conoce,

de la paz, de la solidaridad,

de la justicia y del amor

que quieres para toda tu creación.
Prayer of Invocation (antiphonal)
Blessed Father, on this day, your day

Like all others, we come to you,
Eager to find you:

Through each word and each scripture,

Through prayers and gestures,

Through each sister and brother,

Through shared silence and praise,

We sing in unison and with humility

We ask that our worship be favorable to your eyes

Lead us and grant us the gift of your precious presence,
Of your sweet voice and your protected company.

We ask your Holy Spirit to descend over this place, Lord
just like if did for the disciples who gathered at Pentecost,

If we come with fears and uncertainties,

we pray that we may feel our hope strengthened

that the fire of your Holy Spirit revive our confidence,

And that we like them, can speak clearly

To those who do not know you,

Speak of peace, solidarity, justice and love

That you desire for all of your creation


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