How Pentecost Comes

Here’s the simple side of things.

There is a woman who forgets –
the deacons’ meeting,
her keys,
picking up the church poinsettia order.

Last Sunday she forgot she was not
doing coffee hour —
some mistakes are delicious.

Someone called to remind her
this week
and she comes with carrot cake,
gluten-free brownies
(she never forgets Amy)
grapes, cheese and crackers,
and a big smile,

until she takes a good look around
then down at her blue slacks, brown jersey.

But then everyone begins
to give her their red,
that’s the way it is in church –

first the red necklace,
then the red earrings, a carnation,
a red sweater, a scarf.

Someone takes her to the pew,
with the most kids and balloons.

She remembers
to say something eloquent, not in Cyrene.

“This morning I saw a cardinal.”

Madbury Church Choir, Pentecost

Madbury Church Choir, Pentecost


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