Risking Pentecost

Words for the morning from Todd Jenkins. To view his wonderful blog go here.

When the resurrected Christ ascended,
the disciples went into organization mode,
promptly replacing Judas as a first order of business.

The Holy Spirit broke out,
like end-of-game fireworks
accidentally unleashed in the fifth inning.

The institutional church has roped off
a tidy little section for Pentecost,
with red balloons, streamers, and pinwheels.

And the Holy Spirit laughs
to keep from crying,
exploding everywhere, noticed or not.

Bushes aren’t the only thing burning;
hearts and lives overflow daily
with forgiveness, love, and grace.

Give us courage, O God,
to risk our lives and selves
to your daily Pentecosts!

photo credit: Lee Lindsey McKinney

photo credit: Lee Lindsey McKinney

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