Praising the Playful God

Playing with God
a poem that began with Psalm 104 and turned to the Fifa World Cup

Bless the God who plays legos
snow forts, frisbee and sand castles
soap bubbles and badminton,
and dress-up
in an old wedding gown, monocle,
baseball cap, pink high heels.

Bless the God of chip pass and dribble,
of funnel and fast break
and always, always the diving header.

Bless the God of laser tag and rafting,
hot air balloons,
the parasailing of grandmothers
and banana kicks on the pitch.

Bless the Wind-Messenger,
and the winger who assists both sides,
whose loft is so high
we see stars through it.

Bless God who jumps in the pool
and yells, “Marco Polo” loudest,
who sleds down the mountain
we dreamed up
from the first snow on First Avenue
and a cardboard box,
who kicks the penalty
that gives meaning to us all.

Bless the Holy One who is a goalkeeper
who does not always defend,
whose boundaries
like Red Rover or the edge of a checkers board,
or the highest spin of the tether ball,

are about keeping us in play.

Bless God who spins the hula hoop of the planets,Web
and yet watches the World Cup of Soccer,
who opens the hydrant
and makes springs gush forth
for all the hot children, the paws of dogs,

and cheers everyone’s winning team
wrapped in all the flags, dancing in all the streets.

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