Morning Walk … Thank you for the rainbow

“Ever, indeed, … never enough.” Mark Rideout’s words. Mark of Somersworth, New Hampshire, writes a reflection on one morning walk and combines — awe, praise, wonder, trust and call — a modern-day psalmist.

Isobel DeGruchy of South Africa follows with a poem from her chapbook of poetry, “Walking On” with a reflection (!) on the rainbow and it combines as well –the celestial and the personal.

Morning Walk

Morning walks are my preferred exercise…early with the dog.

I’m not always as aware as I could be in the early hours, but as I looked up, I saw a sunrise like no other. I actually whispered to Jack [the dog], “If I never saw another sunrise, this is enough.” The combination of colors: magenta, white, purple, orange…actually reminded me of a long ago Sunday School depiction of Jesus amongst the clouds. Coming? Going? I was not sure then; I am not sure now. On this morning I was thinking, Ascension, a day which had just passed.

The air was alive with perfumed breezes, heavy with pollen. The greens of this morning were shaded, deep emerald to lighter lime. The sounds of turkeys (not of turtledoves, sorry, Song of Solomon) were heard and joined by the myriad of others in God’s aviary. And my beloved, Jack, simply sniffed along, and did his dog duties with delight.

Heading home, I again looked up. Wow! No, it wasn’t Jesus coming or going, but a full, end to end, color by number vibrantly bright rainbow…at zero-dark thirty in the morning! With a change in direction the unfolding light and water airily uplifted above the earth burst forth in fiery colors!

Rainbow covenant came to my mind. I’d more often seen the bow in the clouds as a sheltering, covering blessing. This bow was strung to shoot my whole being, up, away, beyond. My perspective changed as I joined the wondrous colors. I was beyond war, fear, differences….now thinking of Pentecost with tongues of fire, wind’s rush, visually intoxicated.

I was standing in the middle of the road, and not unlike the first disciples, staring into the sky. With disciple Jack waiting, all of my senses were buzzing….sight, touch, smell. With heart pounding, I pondered was there a message to embrace in this changed perspective? What of the promise: I was, I am, I will be…with you always? What of justice and peace, creative hand, integrity of creation? Ever needed, never enough!

Thank you for the rainbowSupernumerary_rainbow_03_contrast

Thank you, God, that you give us light:
Bright and beautiful,
and sight, to see our world
and the way we walk in it.

Thank you for the darkness at day’s end,
For stillness and rest
when we stop our work:
but when we are overwhelmed by the dark,
and we feel lost and alone,
we are grateful, God,
that you are there with us.

Thank you, God, for colours –
for all the colours of the rainbow.

Thank you for red:
The red of roses, strawberries and hibiscus,
the red of life-giving blood,
and the blood you shed for us.

Thank you for orange:
The orange of sunsets, aloes and fire;
radiating light and warmth,
and the light and warmth you radiate in us.

Thank you for yellow:
the yellow of egg yolks, sunflowers and lemons;
the fields of corn for our bread:
and for the bread of your body to feed us.

Thank you for green:
The green upon green of grass and leaves,
The green of growth,
and for growth in our bodies, minds and spirits.

Thank you for turquoise:
the turquoise of tranquil lakes and turbulent seas,
For water – sustainer of life,
and for Christ, the living water.

Thank you for violet:
the violet of pansies, lobelias and amethysts,
for the exotic, unexpected, extra-ordinary,
that make our lives sparkle.

Thank you for the whole spectrum of colours,
How they combine to give us white,
shining, transparent and pure:
allowing your image to be seen in us.
May it be so.


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1 Response to Morning Walk … Thank you for the rainbow

  1. keijo says:

    God is good in here too with us from finland in grace and be bless in power and in wisdom of God and meditate that word in knowing better Christ and his power what he has done in the nature with beautiful every the morning in peace and new joy to come thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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