Mark 10:13-16 for the United States

Little children were coming
from the triangle of Guatemala,
El Salvador, Honduras —
many with only
their birth certificates

and there were authorities
and politicians
who wanted to turn away this “surge,”
saying maybe these children
have measles or lice.

But Jesus was indignant with them
and said,
“Let the children come
for it is by the welcome to these
that anyone can identify
what is the country of God.

“Truly, I tell you
whoever sends militia
to close the border or stop a bus
against one such child
will receive no visa
to the country of God.”

And Jesus took them up
into his arms,
in spite of drug cartels,
nativists, ICE,
and laid his hands on them
and blessed them.

Do you question my translation?
I forgot
the traditional word.
They do – suffer, the little children.

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2 Responses to Mark 10:13-16 for the United States

  1. P. J. Stokes says:


    This is incredibly moving—especially in the light of two weeks with the Sacrifice of Isaac text. May I repost it, please? I’ve sent it on to several others.


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