Two liturgical poems from Aotearoa

Erice Fairbrother of Aotearoa / New Zealand sends two poems which are for the gathered community or the indiviudal. Erice offers this introduction to the first one.

Here is a poem – thinking of the frailty of relationships, how easy it is to miss the moment in them, and then finding that when I ready to reconnect the moment has often passed. To look for absolution with the body of Christ for the lack of being true in that way of being, is not the same as the absolution that brings me back into relationship, gives breath to new beginnings and new promises that may just be kept, this time round. Forgiveness is one thing, absolution, the assurance of forgetting is another, perhaps greater challenge.

I think of you on Mondays

Saturday and there is work
Not the kind I travel to
The kind I tumble out of sleep to
in my house or outside
The neglect
Tatty, ragged, unkempt

Sunday and it’s
This work of clearing,
Weeding back to find paving
Placed carefully once
In faith
Keen, committed, naively

So it is, when done
I think of you on Mondays
Of being able to see my way
To your window
Sitting in its depth,
your serenity love’s longed for

A second poem Erice offers as an Invitation to Confession for a community or a personal practice of prayer.

Christ is our True Home

Christ is our true home
our abiding
our dwelling

Where the prowling lion
In us is able
to make peace

with the lamb
of our

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