Road Trip Aotearoa

Rev Gayanne Frater of Aotearoa / New Zealand writes a journey that is of season and of spirit. Readers of the northern hemisphere are reminded of wintertime passages and their beauty and that half of the world is in winter now — looking for spring. Gayanne writes that Rev. Nick Frater, her partner and also an Anglican priest is among friends who provide her with the photographs that inspire her work.Roadtrip Aotearoa

Heart song rises
as landscape shifts and changes
at each turn of the road.
Eyes capture glorious beauty
at rounded curves.
Undulating hills of gradient colour
give way to white faced cliffs.
Tall deep green firs
yield to soft hues,
trees blush in near nudity.
Autumn riches cede to Winter’s stark nakedness
as road heads south and eastwards.
Sunlit toi toi
glistening bright white
sway in gentle breeze.
Colour, strong and muted,
ripple across nature’s canvas like a river,
A veritable gallery of
Monets to Picassos and back again,
appear as mile after mile traversed.
Creation’s cyclic song bears witness
to the Artist’s handiwork.
This un-asked for exhibition of fine art
triggers heart-bursts of pure delight,
popping like fireworks against a darkened sky,
creating momentary distraction
from focussed road attention.
land of my heart, my home, my love
your beauty touches the depth of my being
and causes my heart to sing.
Thank you.

To learn more about Gayanne go to her  facebook community page called Heartspace here and to learn more about the Vaughan Park Retreat and Conference Centre in Auckland, wonderful resource for articles and poetry go here.

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