St. Francis Prayer for the Madbury Church 100th Anniversary

Union Congregational United Church of Christ is one hundred years old. Fourteen people signed the covenant, ten women and four men. they received the land for one dollar and they ordered a kit and built the church themselves. Please celebrate with us.

God, make us instruments of your Church.
Where there is anger — let us give singing;
where there is loneliness — real peace-passing;
where there is injustice — simple courage;
where there is division —
deeper than any Sunday ceremony;
where there is despair, fear, hurt, confusion —
silent prayer and listening.
And wherever there are locks and blocks —
let us be an open door.

O Holy God, grant that we may not so much seek
another hundred years,
as understanding your children today,
a big budget as a open heart,
being loved by people, as loving you.

For it is in trying to be church that we find one;
It is failing as church
that we learn to forgive people.
It is in starting late, laughing often,
sharing so many joys and concerns,
listening to the kids
and lots of announcements
that we come to your benediction. Amen.Madbury church spring

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6 Responses to St. Francis Prayer for the Madbury Church 100th Anniversary

  1. What a wonderful centenary! I did not know they built the church themselves, or from a kit, or even that there were kits for churches – or that ten women and four men would undertake such a project – yet all of this is, I think, present in the building’s oddities, sturdiness, warmth, welcome. Especially your last stanza, and the photo which is just lovely – though, when did the stone get added? – are gifts. As is Madbury Church. Many, many blessings have come from this people of God, and to them as a church. Many, many more years, I pray, lie ahead –

  2. Maren says:

    Thank you for your good wishes … They have been a DIY church always. There was, of course, some colonial and revolutionary history as well. Madbury was a preaching-point — in the Zimbabwean sense — of Dover. This is the celebration of this incarnation. Stone? My dear, you are looking at fairly attractive cinder block!

  3. says:

    Maren you have some poems that would be great for this.\Pat

  4. jack ( who else) says:

    lol, Madbury people are hard workers, at least the women are, lol.
    Madbury church history goes way back to the earliest settlers. We joined Dover for safety.

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