Prayer for those touched by Ebola

(from Psalm 6)

O God, be gracious for your children are bleeding.
Heal them for their heads ache,
they lie in fever, they shake with terror.

How can they sing a song of faith
when their throats are raw.
or hope when they are weakened
and around them is dread
of caring for those who are ill.

How long, O God, in Guinea and Nigeria?
Turn, O God, to Liberia and Sierra Leone.

For the sake of your steadfast love
reach out — they are weary with diarrhea,
their beds are soaked with vomit,
and their kidneys waste away.

Their children are crying
and international companies flee them
to take their jobs away.

But you, God, accept these prayers —
for it is your pierced side
that is hemorrhaging in Africa.
And the merciful who do not turn away,
but offer medical care,
take the path of your holy broken feet.

God, hear this weeping,
accept our anger and grief and prayers
and turn back and give —
in a moment — a vaccine.

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