Some verses of Psalm 139 for Robin Williams

God you’ve searched and known him —
when he appeared as an alien,
or sat down behind the microphone
for “Good Morning, Vietnam.”
You discerned the heart portrayed
in “Dead Poets Society”
and in “Good Will Hunting.”
At a quick repartee on Johnny Carson,
or the swelling great blue genie
you, God, smiled, receiving the gift
of humor for your children.

You knew him completely —
the recovery and the relapse of him,
the love and the doubt
and the holy generosity of spirit.

Where could he go from your spirit?
If he put on someone’s else’s clothes
in order to find love,
you were there.
If he ascended to heaven
or descended to hell
in a movie about dreams
you were there.
If he flew peter panly after his youth,
it was your hand and no hook
that held him gently.

It was you who formed
the sweet crazy patch-adams rebellion
that tweaked the world,
and in his night, shaped for him
an awakening
that is more
than any of the stories he told,
the tenderness he lived,
or the fearful and wonderful laugh
of which he was woven.

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7 Responses to Some verses of Psalm 139 for Robin Williams

  1. Marie Lucca says:

    Absolutely love it!!!

  2. Pam Spain says:

    Beautiful! I wonder if it’s possible to get this to the family!

  3. Andrea (aka Rokinrev) says:

    Thanx for the love reflected here

    • Maren says:

      Thanks you all for your kindness. As a person in recovery from alcoholism, this loss and this depression strike me particularly deeply. And the loss of the laughter.

  4. Elinor Yeo says:

    Thank you, Maren. So lovely and so appropriate. It seems that the Psalm writer knew Robin’s soul and his troubles from the inside out.

  5. You’ve given eloquent words to my heartache for this man, who made me laugh as no one else did, whose humor I relied on, who had, I thought, such strength, who seemed not to be hidden behind his humor like so many, but present in it. I shall miss him. And say Amen to you.

  6. Emily Geoghegan says:

    Thank you, Maren. Such a sad day! Emily

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