Ice Bucket Challenge

Of course, they’ve borrowed
our sacrament,

the one we let become warm
and small and personal and private
and cheap.

They got it right –
a big splash in front of everyone,
for the sake of those
living with ALS,

a wild, re-jordaned
cold compassion, soaking —
holy defiant dove and all
to heal
lou gehrig’s disease.

Amen to the
celebrities and CEO’s,
the politicians and techies
and ordinary folks
who may not be our go-to saints
but teach us something
about our fonts,

and our old three-holy punch –

a bucketful of icy and shocking,
of public and embarrassing,
a bucketful
of siding with the healing
of someone else,

a bucketful of awkward
possible rejection,
wet and turning
to someone we love saying –

I challenge you to live baptized.Tin_bucket_ice_bucket2

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5 Responses to Ice Bucket Challenge

  1. sugruerm says:

    Only Maren the Unique would make this unholy, holy connection! Surely some smiling parent is saying, this is my beloved daughter in whom I am well pleased.

  2. Thanks for breaking open the smallness, and the irrelevance, of our rituals – which are about family – which is something dear to us BUT – we need to remind ourselves over and over – was something Jesus ignored, in favor of other models of human interaction. Like ice-bucketing for ALS.

  3. Maren says:

    He is always breaking things open. And I’m always feeling like ducking.

  4. Emily Geoghegan says:

    Thank you. Lovely! Emily

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