Prayer for James Foley

For journalists,
who go where others fear to go,
to tell the stories no one wants to hear,
and stand without weapons
in the path of rage,

we are so grateful.

For all journalists this morning, we pray,
and for James whose journey
into truth
has taken his life,

for those who loved him
and whose loss is breaking heart
not breaking news,

we grieve.

And for tomorrow’s journalists,
of any country,
who are all our children,

we promise never to turn away
from the world you report,
at such a cost.

I never met James Foley, but I’ve had the honor of serving on the bio-ethics committee of Wentworth-Douglass Hospital with his father and have witnessed the sorrow of this family when James freedom was taken first in Libya and for the last almost two years in Syria. I am so grateful for the gift of his life.

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6 Responses to Prayer for James Foley

  1. Pam Spain says:

    And we are so grateful for your gift of word that can bring comfort! May they feel the comfort of knowing that our prayers are with them!

  2. I hope you send them this beautiful poem, I think they would want to use it privately and publicly, and it offers them a balm. So hard, to know he was a prisoner for so long, to know he knew they were going to kill him, to watch it happen. And he was so beautiful, too, his spirit of vocation, his handsomeness, his grace.

  3. Maren says:

    That’s it, Nancy, being a correspondent was a vocation for him. I am so impressed with who he was in a world where the news has as bad a reputation as politicians or lawyers — and all of those vocations are full of people who give themselves incredibly.

  4. Elaine Bolitho says:

    Thank you Maren for your heartfelt offering – very moving.



  5. Maren says:

    Thanks, Elaine. Blessings to you as you turn to the season of creation.

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