Reformation Day at the Deep River Church

(memory of a visit)

In the white church
October light
bends through thick old glass

and the pastor announces
that Vince and Carol
are celebrating the sixty-fifth anniversary
of their wedding —
See the bride and groom jack o’lanterns
on the chancel steps?
Vince woke up not quite well enough to come,
although the cake arrived for coffee hour
and they hope we’ll all enjoy it –

the old friends and the visitors, too.

I don’t know Vince and Carol,
but I’m a little sad for them anyway.
Still they just reminded me of the blessing
we call church —
this place we can send a party
even when we can’t come anymore.

So today I remember those old reformers
and a long line of those
who’ve passed our way since then,
not so much stern pounders of nails in doors,

as standing around
with plates and napkins
offering us all a slice of their joy.

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11 Responses to Reformation Day at the Deep River Church

  1. Emily Geoghegan says:

    Lovely…thank you. Emily Geoghegan

  2. Andrea (aka Rokinrev) says:

    Still they just reminded me of the blessing
    we call church –
    this place we can send a party
    even when we can’t come anymore

    Thanx…this is wonderful as my disabilty makes church impossible somedays

  3. Lovely. Thanks. And I drive by that church, often, can picture it, and the jack-o-lanterns –

  4. Gail Orlando says:

    This is sweet, and yet sad. It reminds me of my Grandmother (Dad’s Mom) I used to go to Church with her in Byfield, MA. She was a quiet woman in the Church, and yet, I learned about a lot of things she did. Most people didn’t know she was the donor who recarpeted the Chapel.

  5. Maren says:

    This is the week of “all saints day” and I think a good time to remember the amazing “ordinary saints” who have shaped out lives.

  6. Oh . . . thank you! I love the phrase about sending a party even when you cannot go! That is church – the community that carries love and hope in its bricks and mortar and people. Thank you!

    • Maren says:

      It did not think of it before your comment, but there are stewardship implications as well — people give the future to churches in that way as well.

  7. sugruerm says:

    I will share this today at ‘my’ Afternoon Women’s Fellowship – a small group of wonderful elderly church women – several have let me know they aren’t well enough to be there today, this worries them as for the first time this year we are having a guest speaker and they don’t want to be ‘letting the side down.’

  8. Maren says:

    I understand so well how this happens. Glad this poem may speak to them. It’s so good to think of you in spring as everything here is autumn.

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