Images — prayers of autumn

Leaves along the highway
mauve. brown, umber, under clouds –
the tears of autumn.

of the leaf-lost time,
who etches in our bones and spirits
the instinct of geese to flee bitter winds —
In our winging ways supporting one another,
remind us to take our place in formation, following,
held by the updraft of another’s passing
so that some day each one of us
may take a turn in leading,
through Jesus Christ,
who named You –
One who cares
for birds.


Rains of November
bring down the last of leaves.
Nut-pouched squirrels dance.

God of the four o’clock night,
the shining November stars
and the bright cold moon,
guide us when we walk old dogs,
wait for children at the bus stop
put a candle in the window for a lost friend,
so that the light in our lives
may illuminate the darkening world. Amen


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