Olive Oil … extra virgin Matthew 25: 1-10, another interpretation

My thoughts for the story — different from my friend Gerardo’s

It doesn’t make me feel any better
that four of my friends
are out here with me
on the other side of the wall
from the music.

It was my oil, my light,
and I squandered it
on terribly important committees
(well, everyone said they were),
and those jobs that could not be done
by anyone but indispensable me,
on rising early for the telephone,
and staying up late
to answer the e-mail.

And my lamp burned out
before I figured out a few things
that really matter,
before I spent time,
lovely time,
with the folks
who are worth my waiting,
long before the door opened
on the party in my life.

Of course, I don’t blame the
other guests —
the ones doing the Macarena,
crunching candied almonds,
catching the bouquet.
No one can give another person
oil at midnight,
everyone’s lamp burns out alone —

but I wish I’d saved enough for dancing.

DSCN0717Olive Press, Nazareth

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2 Responses to Olive Oil … extra virgin Matthew 25: 1-10, another interpretation

  1. kneal1 says:

    wise woman-you are ready for the dance….loved it…

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