Autumn hymn, call to worship

Before we turn from northern hemisphere Autumn to Advent … a call a hymn

Call to Worship
Leader: Quiet your mind, still your restlessness.
Come before God.
People: Like a bird that lights on a branch,
we come to the pause of God.
Leader: Warm your heart, stir up your spirit.
Come before God.
People: Like flame dancing on a candle’s wick,
we come to the dance of God.
Leader: Open your hands, meet the eyes of your neighbors.
Come before God.
People: Like rustling leaves blowing in autumn wind,
bright with color, deep when gathered,
we fall into the presence of God.Patti Rodgers -- maple trees

Autumn version of Morning Has Broken (Bunessan)

Morning has broken, like the first morning.
Geese have awoken, distant but heard.
Praise for the winging, praise for the morning,
Praise for life springing fresh from the Word.

Sweet is the autumn, golden before us
As the bright leaves fall, from the dark trees.
Praise for the beauty of the rich harvest,
Praise for God’s whispers on the cool breeze.

Mine is the sunlight, mine is the evening.
Dawn sky and sunset — palette of play.
Praise with our rising, praise with our resting;
God’s hope and blessing for every day.

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3 Responses to Autumn hymn, call to worship

  1. Dee Ledger says:

    Love these and would like to use them for upcoming worship…with permission and attribution, of course…. Beautiful.

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