Thanksgiving Reflection

Jerry Hebenstreit of Reston, Virginia, US, writes a reflection for Thanksgiving that is in the form of a prayer — the honest kind of prayer!

Hello, God. It’s Thanksgiving Day.

It’s our chance to take time to reflect on your goodness
and thank you for all the blessings you’ve showered on us…

…for the beautiful world you created,
…for life and breath to enjoy the world,
…for the food we have on our table,
…for – wait a minute – speaking of food, I have to baste the turkey. Be right back!
…for time to slow down – rats. I forgot to finish setting the table. Don’t go away!
…for friends and family – wait, there’s the doorbell. Hold that thought!
…for simple pleasures – oh, the game starts in a couple of minutes. Can I sort of wrap up now?
…for everything you give us. You know the list. No need to repeat it, right? Thanks again.

Wait a minute. That’s not right, is it?
I’m supposed to be thanking you,
but I’m letting all the busyness take over.
I’ve built these expectations about what today will be
and they’ve pushed You into the background.
How can I be so clueless?

OK. Deep breath…start again…
Gracious God, in the midst of the hustle to make this reflective day perfect
help me remember that I am always in your presence.
I’m going to get wrapped up in the happy chaos of food and relaxation
and noise and laughter and tiredness. I always do.
Give me eyes to see you in the midst of it all,
radiating your love, smiling at our joy,
being the often hidden,
but not forgotten,
center of everything.

Thank you.


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6 Responses to Thanksgiving Reflection

  1. rezrevres says:


  2. Nice. Now pass the gravy…

  3. Betsy says:

    ME: Ooops! I forgot to bake the pie!! What was I not thinking??
    DAUGHTER: Thankfully we’re too full now; we can have it later after it’s done. It’s okay Mom.

  4. Linda Cetrulo says:

    Loved the pix as well. First thought the chair at the end was empty as if for God, the same way one leaves a place for Elijah at Passover. Then I saw the dog….Perfect 🙂

  5. Maren says:

    And I printed this great prayer of Jerry’s because I thought it was only the two of us …

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