For the United States, November 24, 2014

Martin Luther King, Jr.
did not have a dream
that one day from Sanford, Florida
to Ferguson, Missouri,
and so many places in between,
young black men would be murdered.

He did not have a dream
one day those in authority
would concern themselves more
with property damage caused by anger
than miscarriage of justice.

He did not dream of the sad table
of the Brown family
on Thanksgiving Day.

What do we dream
when we go to bed weeping?

I have a dream
that all the people will raise their hands
and it will mean – no more violence
upon young black men.

I have a dream that policing
will be a profession
chosen by those who love
the people living in their communities,
and that in every town in America
there will be an annual award for
an officer who goes a year
without drawing a gun.

I have a dream that Trayvon Martin
and Michael Brown’s names
will be remembered
the third Monday of every January
by our grandchildren
as the last to die,
and that their loss will be honored
as the reason our country
finally turned around.

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