Aging, a reflection by Steve Rogers, Wichita, Kansas

Emptying my rooms
Walking amongst the clutter
Opening the doors
Watching for the windows
Being present
Bringing awareness
To be like that deeply rooted and aging fir tree
Standing tall and firm and resolute
Growing still
Through storms and rain and lightening
Through fog and cloud and sunny days
Through flood and calm and winds and dreams and starry nights,
(O Great Spirit, Father and Mother of ALL, I cry out!)
Let our limbs reach out – still
Let our roots dig deep – still
Let LIFE cling and reach into this moment
Even as our heart slows and the earth we stand on begins to lean
and the leaves begin to change
Help me to remember and to discover new rooms of sacred ground.

a prayer/reflection derived by ‘prayer sketching’ 4 words:
[ remember, empty, room, fir tree ] while attending a seminar 11/15/2014
“Caring For Ourselves While Caring For Our Elders” held at FUMC Wichita as led by Maren Tirabassi

I am so grateful for Steve writing and sending this prayer and remind anyone who reads that I would love to read and post — if it seems appropriate your words here. Please send them to the parallel email address

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2 Responses to Aging, a reflection by Steve Rogers, Wichita, Kansas

  1. Anne Cohen says:

    Having just had another conversation with my mom who has Alzheimer’s and cannot remember that I’m coming to celebrate Thanksgiving with her tomorrow – this reflection reminds me that there is sacred ground even without a short-term memory. There is life and love and this is good.

    • Maren says:

      Anne, my thoughts are with you. Steve’s prayer touches me as well. this is a journey that I took. don and I are both only children and we cared for our our parents for fifteen years — three of the four had Alzheimer’s. There is much sacred ground (and also many sad moments) along the journey. Many blessings to you.

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